Fine Art Photography

A silhouette of a businessman walks into the city, framed by some building pillars.
A construction worker peers from behind some plastic sheeting on a construction site.
A woman in a fur coat tries to hail a cab.
A woman in a black and white striped dress crosses the street.
People play in the water of lake michigan in the shadow of the hancock building at sunset.
A woman in a hard cut of sunlight walks into darkness.
Two men in Chicago walk in a hard cut of light in a black and white photo.
A woman crossing the street under hard shadow from morning sunlight.
Two people walk across a street towards a nondescript building.
A black and white long exposure photograph of people at a city intersection in the rain.
A halo of light from a back alley street light in the snow.
A family is silhouetted by the sun as they play with a kite at sunset.
A woman with various animal shaped mylar balloons waits with a box perched on a pylon on a city street.
A man lays with his head in another man's lap on the steps of the Chicago riverwalk in a black and white photograph.
A man stands on a bridge over the Chicago river at sunset.